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Cardinal Journaling

Let Your Words Fly Across the Page!

Journaling Workshops for Creative Self-Expression and Self-Discovery

with Kathy Willis


About Me

My Mission:

My name is Kathy Willis, and I want to help people develop their creative self-expression through journaling, so that, in turn, they can connect more deeply with who they truly are. My goal is to help people be enthusiastic about creating a journaling practice that leads to greater self-awareness, clarity, well-being, and joy!


My Vision:

Journaling is both a practical and emotional resource that can be used to support and enhance your life in a multitude of ways. My approach centers on providing ideas, techniques, and resources that will allow you to feel like journaling is for you – because journaling is for everyone! I hope to provide the information and inspiration needed to create a sustainable and enjoyable journaling practice that benefits your life in ways that both surprise and delight.

Who I Am:

I hold a Bachelor's degree in English and Creative Writing from Hamilton College, and a Master of Science of Information (Library and Information Services) degree from the University of Michigan. I am also certified as a writing workshop facilitator through Amherst Writers and Artists. I have nearly a decade's worth of teaching experience as a former academic research and instruction librarian. A dedicated journal writer for over 15 years, I am enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge and experience with journaling!

Notebook and Pen
How It Works

What I Offer

Workshop: Creating and Maintaining a Journaling Practice

Additional Journaling Workshops

This is the primary workshop I offer, with a focus on creating a sustainable journaling practice that enhances creative self-expression, self-awareness, well-being, clarity, and joy!

Journaling for Creativity

Gratitude Journaling

Legacy Journaling

Journaling through the Seasons

Don't see a specific journaling topic you're interested in? Let me know!

Additional Resources

Coming Soon!

Online Group Sessions

Coming Soon!


Why Journal?

There are as many reasons to journal as there are journal writers. Journal writing is a creative and personal practice that can support and enrich your life in countless ways that will both surprise and delight. When approached with openness and enthusiasm, journaling is an endless creative adventure that will connect you more deeply to who you really are.

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