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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens at a journaling workshop?
    My journaling workshops are designed to be both engaging and informative. I share tips, techniques, information and inspiration related to journaling -- all to hopefully encourage you to develop a sustainable, beneficial, and enjoyable journaling practice of your own. There will be time for some journaling activities as well, so bring your favorite journal and writing instrument!
  • How long does a typical journaling workshop last?
    A typical journaling workshop of mine will generally last approximately two hours.
  • I'm completely new to journaling. Are your workshops a good starting point for me?
    Absolutely yes! In my primary workshop, Creating and Maintaining a Journaling Practice, I provide lots of ideas and information to help you establish and maintain a journaling practice. I also hope to inspire you with information about all the different benefits that can come from an ongoing journaling practice.
  • I've been journaling for a while now -- what are the benefits of attending one of your workshops?
    I believe there is always more to learn about and explore when it comes to your journaling practice. Even if you are an established journal writer, my goal with my workshops is to hopefully provide additional ideas and inspiration that will help you expand and develop your journaling practice. If you are looking to change things up and refresh your journal writing, my workshops can help. If you are interested in exploring specific aspects of journaling, such as journaling for gratitude or creativity, this is the place to learn more about the many different options and opportunities available to a journal writer!
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